Forever Bulldogs

As Bulldogs we have unbreakable bonds and strong connections. 你是否认为自己是斗牛犬, Tech'er, proud graduate of General Motors Institute or Kettering grad and whether you were a member of A, B, C or D section, 我们鼓励大家分享来之不易的成就.

Fred Taylor '97 earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in automotive. He currently works at United Launch Alliance as the Director of Safety, Quality and Mission Success.



在过去的十年里,校园发生了很大的变化. We hope you can plan a visit back to see all the familiar places and the exciting changes that have and are taking place. Just let the Alumni office know you would like a tour of campus including the new Learning Commons.



Your time as a student and graduate of 正规的赌博app or GMI are valuable experiences we encourage you to share with prospective and current students.

Alumni Volunteers

我们的校友知道通过服务来领导意味着什么. Alumni volunteers share their time and experience by engaging with current and prospective students, 支持大学活动, and leaving a positive impact on the Kettering community.


The 学生校友会 (SAC) provides its members with public speaking opportunities, teamwork and leadership experiences as well as professional workshops that enhance leadership skills.



Listen to how alumni are making a difference in the world today.


The purpose of the Kettering/GMI 校友会 is to encourage and foster Alumni engagement to support the University’s growth as a global leader in cooperative education.

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Featured Alumni

John Krzeminski ‘03 started his career at Ford Motor Company during his co-op and continued to work there after graduation before moving to FEV, Chrysler, and eventually, 创立自己的公司. He founded 奇怪的发展 在2018年和随后的两家初创公司中, Alpha-Otto技术 in 2020 and 纯表面技术 in 2021. His goal is to develop innovative solutions to complex problems creating a positive impact in today’s world:

  • 奇怪的发展 focuses on  helping its customers engineer and prototype projects from fuel system components to test fixtures for electrified powertrain systems.
  • Alpha-Otto技术 focuses on developing highly power-dense propulsion systems that utilize carbon neutral fuels. With plans to develop this technology to decarbonize both on and off-road sectors, Alpha-Otto将提供轻量级, clean, efficient, power systems for use in everything from unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs) to range extenders in hybrid applications. 
  • 纯表面技术, 哪个是在大流行期间建立的, solves the problem of bacteria and virus transfer on door handles with its UV-powered, 自动消毒门把手.

回顾他在凯特林的时光, John remembers developing a good educational foundation, but also a resilient work ethic that helped him create these companies and associated innovations. 

“The foundation of any structure is often unseen and overlooked. However, it is what is most important to the success and longevity of that structure,” he said.

As a student, John embraced Kettering’s fast pace and demanding workload. 他通常每学期修21个学分, which he believes gave him an ability to function well in high-pressure situations, learn quickly and continue learning outside the classroom. Although not everyone had the same opportunities as John during his time at Kettering, 特别是围绕动力总成工程. 

“我拿出了克雷格·霍夫教授的旧笔记, 戴维斯教授, and Professor [Etim] Ubong and started teaching ‘Lunch and Learn’ powertrain engineering to my employees. There is no other school that prepares you for understanding ICE systems like Kettering,” John said. 

When asked what is one thing he felt all Kettering students should experience he said, “凌晨两点宿舍有火警.m.…but speaking from the position of a mechanical engineer, 了解在你的工作中什么能赚钱.” 

“For example,” he continued, 在机械工程中, 制造业是大多数公司赚钱的地方. It is important to understand how you might fit into their business model and how you will be adding value to it.” 

His one piece of advice for current or future Kettering students is to know what your immediate goals are, 即使你不知道20年后你会在哪里. The co-op program at Kettering provides students with opportunities for unofficial mentoring and a chance to find those who are where you wish to go, 给你学习的机会, 问问题,制定目标. 这也给了你扩大人脉的机会. Those in the position to help get people into the correct career will only help employee satisfaction and overall innovation. 

“每个人都有独特的才能, and in my opinion, the worst thing you can do is not fully utilize that talent,” John said.

了解更多关于奇怪的发展, Alpha-Otto技术, 和纯表面技术点击下面的链接.

Bulldog Pride

正规的赌博app is among the top 31 universities and colleges nationwide with the best ROI according to Business Insider.


U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2022 rankings identifies 正规的赌博app in the top 15 among more than 150 colleges in the Midwest.

Giving Back

Gifts of all amounts make an important difference for Kettering students.